Protest Only Lends Credence to the System

Over in society, there seems to be a plethora of creditable, highly-networked protest movements of late, all principally involved with bringing down the traditional power structures that they see as governing our world. Few days go by without society’s news media telling society’s members that Anonymous, Occupy or some other loosely affiliated opponents of something or other are marking their dissatisfaction at something or other.

It seems they are principally concerned with the imbalance of power in society and the failure on the part of society’s leaders to properly look after their rights, money, access to employment and institutions. In this respect, I have great sympathy for them. Their cause seems just and noble enough from the perspective of someone from society.

Comprising these movements is an impressively disparate variety of interest groups. There are environmentalists, human rights campaigners, fiscal reform campaigners, animal rights campaigners, freedom of information campaigners, anti-capitalists, anti-globalisationists, Marxists, certain varieties of Anarchists, Feminists, Gay Rights Campaigners, and many many more colours of disaffected, usually young, usually technology-literate individuals.

But, individuals though they are, they have something in common that binds them together in a way that could doom their desired revolution. By opposing a system, they inevitably recognise it, defer to it and allow it to imprison them……… (TBC)

Future writing: How did the UK Riots of 2011 differ in their scope from this other form of disaffection?

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