When I was younger, I desired nothing more than to be heard. I felt that being heard was an end in itself. I wanted my name at the foot of all the articles I had written like some kind of trophy; a certificate of my worthiness. I sought affirmation from all, and frequently I got it. I wanted my words to make a difference to others. I wanted my “wisdom” to be remembered and I was driven by the vanity of recognition.

But satisfying vanity, I have learned, is neither satisfying nor wise. How can one be wise yet still crave longevity in the minds of others? Understanding this has set me free.

The name of my blog, “Nothing New Under the Sun” derives from the Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes. I am not Christian, Jew, nor member of any organised religion. However, for me,  Ecclesiastes is thought at its most beautiful:

I hated all I had laboured for under the sun and which I must leave to my successor. Who knows whether he will be foolish or wise? Yet he will be master of all I have achieved by my own efforts and wisdom: that too is meaningless.

And I began to despair in my heart over all my labour under the sun. For here was a man who toiled in all wisdom, knowledge and skill and he must leave all to someone who has not worked for it. This is meaningless and a great misfortune. For what profit is there for a man in all his work and heart-searching under the sun? All his days bring sorrow, his work grief; he hasn’t, moreover, peaceful rest at night: that too is meaningless.

There is nothing better for man to do than to eat and drink and find satisfaction in his work.

Ecclesiastes 2:18

Whyever you find yourself here, you are most welcome.


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